Saturday, February 13, 2010

To the Little BOYS who are burning churches in Texas

Yes, I'm talking about you three. According to the AP, these are pictures of "Persons of Interest" in the 9 church burnings in Texas over the last few weeks. If this is your picture, then I have a few words of advice for you - and I will try to make them as plain and simple as possible.

Here are a few reasons why burning churches is a stupid idea:

1. You're not Norwegian.

At best, you like true Norwegian Black Metal, and you want to be just like our Viking brothers in the cold North. BUT, you are merely copycatting something only a few of them did 20 years ago. Norwegians don't even burn churches anymore - why do you think you should now? If you want to be just like Varg or King ov Hell, then go walk around Walmart with corpse paint on.....then you would surely end up on and become famous for what you really are.

2. The Church is not your enemy.

If you think the church is stifling your individuality, then you are about 300 years too late. Sure, there are forces out there trying to destroy the rights of the individual - but the church isn't one of them anymore. Read a book - educate yourself. Find out who your true enemies are before you go charging windmills (you'll have to read a book called Don Quixote to understand that reference). At one time, Norwegians had a reason to see their state church as the enemy of their individual freedom, but AMERICANS have different enemies to consider. And if you are worried about the enemies of Heavy Metal, then you should learn about the PMRC and the record companies - and even that is ancient history. If anything is preventing you from expressing your individuality, it's your own ignorance.

3. Burning churches makes us all look stupid

When they catch you (and they will), and you are wearing your Mayhem tshirts and upside down crosses, then the media will associate your music preference with your ignorant actions. And then......they will correlate your actions with all the rest of us who like good music. Thanks. And for the next few weeks, writers for Metal Hammer, Terrorizer, and even Spin will spend their time (once again) defending Heavy Metal and its fans instead of writing articles about something a bit more interesting.

And even though they are going to catch you (because if you are dumb enough to do this in the first place,then you surely will have done something to be detected), you should stop burning churches now. Instead, try to use your brains, and consider some of the things I've mentioned here. Don't just be another failed product of our public education system. Be a real individual and educate yourself!


  1. well said Annie, theses misguided youngsters just go off half cocked and will make true metalheads pay for their stupidity, we collectively should openly shun and disassociate ourselves from them and hopefully by doing that dodge the bullet heading our way...good thing Bush is out of office. and I, being a satanist, think burning churches is stupid, I'd much rather burn the books.

  2. once again u make very good points...alot of energy is wasted for the wrong reasons...churches??why churches???why not police stations or government buildings!!!why burn anything?people hellbent on getting in the "media" which is totally controlled by your socialist government make me sick!!!METAL has nothing to do with idiots actions!!!these douchebags are just helping feed the mainstream media that is keeping all of our brothers asleep on the main issues that plague our country,hell,our planet!!!research,read,educate people around you!!!always question everything...authority,religion...EVERYTHING!!!even when the norwegians from yesteryear did the wasn't was stupid!!!WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!!