Sunday, April 25, 2010

The World's Youngest Metal DJ

You might have seen Dylan on an earlier blog post. Dylan, a metal fan and singer, is the 11 year-old son of Lizard Messiah. I've spoken with him on air before and he's even been kind enough to sing me some Sabbath. Well last night, Dylan hosted his own show on Blog Talk Radio!

DJ Puff-N-Stuff (Dylan) blew me away! That kid is amazing - it just melted me to hear him do so well.

Anyway, please check out DJ Puff-N-Stuff on Stoned Insanity's show last night! Support the future of the underground!

Here is the LINK for the show!

Valhall's Red Planet CD

Saturday, April 24, 2010


My friend just sent me the lyrics to a song he's been working on. They're so personal to him that he gets angry when he repeats them, and I know it was hard to share them with someone, but I'm honored that he did.

And although the topic of the song is not something I've had to deal with, some of the lines touched me very deeply. It's amazing to see what is being written in metal today and how much of it is so intelligent and complex. (And pro-feminine.)

Maybe it's my friend's song or things that have happened in the past few days, but I am a little overloaded right now with the weight of certain realities - in me and others. We're all just beings bumping into each other here - looking for relief, and love, and air to breathe, and a way to be.

I'm not trying to get philosophical here. I'm just wondering how to find all those things for myself while I see my friends doing the same. I see us struggling and I wonder why.

And before I get too deep.....I see us all bright-eyed and smiling too. And I see us enjoying each others' opinions and time. I have such hope for us - that we will all find our way somehow. My friends are awesome!

Love you guys!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Post Modernism and Metal - random notes

The title of this post is too obvious and cliche (and a bit outdated) I know. But I've been playing with the idea of signifier vs. signified in the names of metal bands (of all genres) and in getting to their deconstructed remnants, I am reminded that Metal - in it's essence, it's history, and in it's divisions, is a perfect example of what is post-modern and even more so, post-post-modern. Metal (in its very practice) has the element of the undefinable; it is more than just an expression of disenchantment; it is more than just a way of life. The elements of Metal overlap and conflict at the same time. It can be interpreted and described, but it cannot be explained.

For example, can you tell me what is (or is not) a metal band? Certainly it would be easier to assign what is NOT Metal than what is. But that doesn't tell me what is Metal. It is in the layers of genres, sub-genres and sub-sub-genres that this is evidenced so clearly - all of them social constructs on the context of what we think we know about Metal. In the end, the only common narrative we have of Metal is the assigning of the word "Metal." What that word means depends on the user.

And should we define Metal by what it is not, knowing that that will only fail in making it a set explanatory system? And do we want that kind of absolute truth anyway? Well, I don't. I want Metal to be the product of individual expression. I want it to constantly challenge me. I want it to remain contextually and subjectively incomplete.

Friday, April 9, 2010

My New Buddy: Wedgehead

You might have noticed that I have posted a few new pics on the site. Yes, I realize they are not your typical “heavy metal” type pics – but I guess that’s what I was going for. I love that metal fans are diverse and true individuals; and I always want to privilege that in my work. The truth is I wear cowboy boots more often than biker boots. And in real life I hang out with horses more than metal bands or fans. But that doesn’t mean I’m not a fan, supporter, student, and true believer in this music that I find to be the only real, organic, expression of self out there.

When my friend Bryan, who is a rodeo bullfighter, told me about the bulls at his place, I had to check them out. The bull that I got to meet (and pet) was Wedgehead. He has been on Jimmy Kimmel Live so he’s way more famous than me. I was able to get into the pen with him and as long as I didn’t make any sudden movements, I was told I would be just fine. Wedgehead was so relaxed around me that he decided to take a five minute piss during the shoot (the results of which you can see behind me in the pics).

The other rodeo bulls there (some of which were PBR bulls) were too dangerous to get near. As I walked by them, they snorted and were totally intimidating. I look forward to going back out to the bull pen and hanging with my new buddy. Maybe Bryan will let me ride Wedgehead next time! (Video to follow! LOL)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Future of Heavy Metal

Yesterday, on his 11th birthday, my friend Dylan called into my show and sang Black Sabbath to me! Dylan is a great singer and has been a metal fan since he was a baby.

So, if you're worried that all kids are only into rap or Miley Cyrus, then take a look at Dylan and know that metal will carry on long after we are gone.

Thanks, Dylan!!!!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Reel

When I was acting, I used the name Amber Rules (the origins of which is a long story that I won't go into right now). I had totally forgotten about my reel - but it kinda explains where those silly fairy pics came from.

I like the reel because it shows me with almost every hair color possible and it reminds me of all the great times I had on set.

Amber's Reel

Danan | MySpace Video

Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Shoutouts for 4/1/10

Looking for Underground Bands

I'm on a mission to find Underground bands to showcase on a new show I'm developing with Basement Sound. The show will be radio based, but will lead to the new video series I'm doing through them. The bands can be from ANYWHERE in the WORLD. They only need be METAL.

Interested bands should contact me via Myspace or EMAIL with subject line: Metal Mission.

(And thanks for helping me promote the underground.)

Annie Christ
(New website coming soon!)