Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The things you learn doing a metal radio show!

Yesterday's blog talk show was possibly the craziest I have ever experienced. Sure, it started out innocent enough. I devoted the entire hour to the band Death Benefit from California/NC and we played some songs and talked about the bands CD that's out now.

Then, we got a call from the Lizard Messiah.

What happened next - well, I can only say was - educational. Until yesterday I had no idea what a Rusty Trombone or Chillidog was! Seriously. Now, I unfortunately also know what a Pink Slipper and a Dolphin is too. UGH

Here are two links for the live video feed I did (I got booted by Ustream and had to start the stream again.)I think you can see the shock on my face when I find out what the hell the guys are really talking about.

Metal Monday 6/7/10 - Pt.1
Metal Monday 6/7/10 - Pt. 2

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