Sunday, March 28, 2010

Writing to Procrastinate Writing

I'm up early enough - ready to start writing on the Teenage Waste chapter. (It has an official name that is too long to quote.) I should just get to it - and pump it out!

But I'm thinking of a million other things - silly things - anything to keep from starting. I used to have to clean my entire house before I could start on a paper....but that has been replaced with checking all my websites and answering all my emails first. And writing this blog post.

I look at my list of things to do today - not bad - but the main thing - with a star next to is this chapter. (Well that, and "Clean Gun.") Other things: get vitamins, meet dad at 2, answer phone calls, listen to archive of Paranoize and Stoned Insanity from this week.

I've also been thinking of writing something about the Jessie James debacle, the updates on the new website, and the dream I had last night in which I stole a vibrator from a sex shop and totally felt guilty about it. It was green and I walked out with it in my purse. (Wonder what that means.)

I'll probably make a video about the two shows on Monday too. UGH

So, off to write and listen to metal and drink hot tea - the start of a perfect Sunday!

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