Saturday, April 24, 2010


My friend just sent me the lyrics to a song he's been working on. They're so personal to him that he gets angry when he repeats them, and I know it was hard to share them with someone, but I'm honored that he did.

And although the topic of the song is not something I've had to deal with, some of the lines touched me very deeply. It's amazing to see what is being written in metal today and how much of it is so intelligent and complex. (And pro-feminine.)

Maybe it's my friend's song or things that have happened in the past few days, but I am a little overloaded right now with the weight of certain realities - in me and others. We're all just beings bumping into each other here - looking for relief, and love, and air to breathe, and a way to be.

I'm not trying to get philosophical here. I'm just wondering how to find all those things for myself while I see my friends doing the same. I see us struggling and I wonder why.

And before I get too deep.....I see us all bright-eyed and smiling too. And I see us enjoying each others' opinions and time. I have such hope for us - that we will all find our way somehow. My friends are awesome!

Love you guys!

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