Saturday, May 15, 2010

Annie Christ goes Country!

Yes, the title of this blog post was meant to shock you. (I was giggling when I wrote it.) Let me calm your nerves by saying up front that I am still (and will forever remain) a faithful and ardent supporter of all things METAL. \M/

Here's the deal:

Because I am from Alabama (and grew up in a trailer), I have what the folks back in the woods call "Redneck Credibility." This means that I not only can identify TRUE and GREAT country artists, but can also suggest them to you, my metal family, without impunity.

Usually, when I am forced to hear country music (when visiting family back at the double-wide or at the barn tacking up) I feel intense pain and sorrow. It's just so sad that something so vanilla and soulless gets put to music and sold to the mindless and the young. Getting a country song stuck in my head is like self-mutilation without the release. I've often wondered if they used that "Way down yonder on the Chattahoochee - it get's hotter than a hoochie coochie" song to torture prisoners at Guantanamo. If you've ever heard that song, then you know how effective it could be in "enhanced" questioning scenarios.

Anyway, I've already mentioned this artist in an earlier Friday shout out video. (You can watch it here.) Kyle Turley used to play pro football but now he is committed to his country music career. He calls his style of country "Power Country" and no- do not make the correlation to Power Metal. "Power Country" is Rock and Country but with outlaw and Metal sensibilities. It's recklessly dark, deliberately truthful, and refreshingly determined, oh, and it's nice to listen to.

Basically, it's what country music would be if it had a soul and a giant set of nuts.

Please friend Kyle Turley's Myspace page. You will see there that he is also a Slayer fan and has opened for Hank III.

And if you have any other Metal endorsed Country artists, I'd love to hear from you!

Annie Christ

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