Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ballistic Whiplash show 1/1/11 (Exit/In)

I learned something tonight from a great Nasvhille (Murfeesboro) Metal band - Ballistic Whiplash. I tend to overanalyze bands sometimes, especially when it comes to genres (and sub-genres). My interest in what makes a band decide to label themselves one sub-genre or sub-sub-genre can, at times, overshadow what I should be paying attention to - the music.  Ballistic Whiplash reminded me of that tonight; and it was a lesson I will not soon forget.

You can check out Ballistic Whiplash on their Myspace Page, but they haven't logged in since October.
There's some info on Encyclopaedia Metallum but it's limited. Basically, if you want to really know about this band, you're going to have to see them live in the Nashville area.  They are true underground warriors who just want to play their songs - which is really what this band is about. It's apparent when you see their fans singing every word to every song and it's apparent when you experience the ballistic whoopass they very graciously hand out to those lucky enough to experience them live.

To say the singer, Travis Edwards is intense would be an understatement and a misunderstanding of the fundamental laws of electromagnetism.  The concentration and focus in his eyes, the ferocity and strain in his voice, and even his physicality was an interesting combination that reminded me of Eminem on a really good day. (If you've ever seen him Live and at the top of his game, you know of what I speak.)  Buzz Gibson, on guitar, is the barbarous gorilla directing the action on stage -  and very entertaining to watch. I'm not sure of the names of the other members - but let me just say the entire band was amazing. (The bass player is scary good.) At first, they don't look like they go together, but once you hear them on stage, it all makes sense. And of course, they would laugh to read this, because none of this crap would matter to them. Reminder: it's about the music.

I had a great time tonight and I suggest you check them out if you are able. There are videos posted on YouTube of Ballistic Whiplash, but like most great metal bands, their best ass kicking can only be administered face-to-face.

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