Thursday, January 6, 2011

Why I'm "Annie Christ."

Having "Annie Christ" as my moniker has elicited more than a few questions from friends and friends of friends. Their concern (which I totally understand) is that I will be labelled as some evil baby eating Satanist. What I see as a tongue-in-cheek, funny name, they see as a dangerous skeleton to keep in the closet. In any case, I thought I should address this before things got out of hand - or before I have to answer these questions to keep a job or defend the music I love.

First, metal music does not make people evil. If that was the case, we would all be required to listen to Justin Bieber or (god forbid) The Jonas Brothers. In fact, evil people like all kinds of music. Most of them are exposed to the same corporate prescription of crap administered by the same local radio station you're listening to.  And there was no metal music for Hitler or Pol Pot to listen to. (In fact, this was one of Hitler's favorite songs.)  Metal is harsh for a reason - it is often the true mirror to society. Metal (like good rap) tells what is going on out there - and often rails against those committing wrongs all over the world. Yes, there's metal that is Satanist - there's also pop music and rap that is as well. Here's a clip of Anton Lavey playing "A Big Top Melody" on organ to prove what real satanists are listening to.

Second, when I came up with Annie Christ, I wasn't thinking of honoring the son of Satan. I was just thinking of a cute name that would get attention. And I thought it was funny.  I think that the same people who can't see the humor in my name are the same people who are too politically correct - people who can't take a joke.  

There's so much crap going on in the world today, so much suffering. People are having a really hard time out there.  Does it really matter what name I use to introduce and play some metal songs? Could you imagine how much good could be done if all those people who spend time and energy on meaningless issues would instead choose to help people who need it? 

In fact, if you are one of those people reading this now - someone who wants to criticize or punish me for my stage name - I only ask that you consider doing something good today. Instead of manifesting your anger over nothing, try helping someone instead.

Here are a few people who desperately need help and who would appreciate any thing you could do for them:

Here is a list of music charities that you can give money to as well.

I hope this post has answered any questions anyone might have about my decision to name myself Annie Christ. The decision was an honest one - not meant to hurt anyone. And I'm sorry if the name bothers you, but I'm KEEPING it.

Annie Christ

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