Wednesday, December 9, 2009

This Tiger Woods thing....

This Tiger Woods thing has got me thinking. Well actually, it’s the naïve fairy tale comments from female news reporters that have me thinking. On FOX and MSNBC, these Hoochies are appalled that Tiger would stray from his “beautiful wife” and destroy his “happy marriage” with women who are “no more than prostitutes.” Who are they kidding? Themselves?

Why do we raise girls to think that one day their prince will come? What prince? The one who is handsome, bright, wealthy, exciting, and oh by the way, totally and unconditionally faithful to you and you alone for the next 80 years? Who really believes that? I’d venture to say that the wives of the all these gay preachers never even thought that – and they believe that Jonah really got swallowed by a whale.

And why do women assume that a guy will only have sex with a person who is at the same physical level as his wife or girlfriend. You may be as beautiful as Giselle but if you think your guy wouldn’t do a one legged midget with acne (or maybe sometimes…a man) ….well, you are just living in a fairy tale. (Remember Hugh Grant with that scary prostitute? Yes, that really happened.)

Men Cheat. Realize that truth. And guess what…women do too. It’s called being human. And by the way, it’s only cheating when you hide it from someone who thinks you are actually faithful. (Cheating = lying. Having sex with multiple partners = being human.)

It’s not that I think everyone should go out and lie and cheat or have sex with lots of people – not at all. But let’s all just be truthful enough to admit that it is not in our biology …or our souls… live in the monastery of monogamy – an institute of someone else’s moral ambiguity. I live my life by MY individual idea of virtue – what I think is right and wrong. And so does everyone else whether they want to admit it or not. Because no matter what you think should happen in the happily every after, the truth is that people do what they want. And they always have justifications for those actions no matter which church rules they listen to every Sunday or how beautiful and pristine their wife’s vagina may be.

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