Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Buy Organic - Why Metal Music is Good for You

If you’ve seen Food, Inc., or are aware of the adulteration of our food industry by the US government and major corporations, you know that most of our food is genetically modified and/or washed in ammonia and/or sprayed with bleach. The animals we eat are overfed with hormones and cannibalistic diets. When they finally get to die, they do so in panic and pain. As a result of this industrialization of the food supply, we have become sick, mindless fat asses who poison ourselves on Franken-food and indigestible crap.

Is this so different from the music industry? In order to sell the most units possible, record companies force artists to become something they’re not in order to produce the blandest product acceptable to the most palates. Artists live lies in order to feed us meaningless music that neither sustains nor energizes.

If the universal law is still true – you are what you eat, then are we also what we listen to? And if so, what are we becoming by listening to the crap music being fed to us by major corporations? In our efforts to homogenize everything we take in, we destroy anything that was good about it in the first place.

No genre of music has withstood that homogenization more than metal. (That’s why there are so many subgenres of metal – because it keeps getting spicier and more diverse.) Metal is the product of true artists – not corporations. It is, therefore, the most organic of all music genres. And listening to it will only make you healthier and (dare I say?)…..happier.

Going organic (whether it’s with food or music) is not just something we should do for our bodies – it’s something we should do for our souls, our spirits, for our very existence. And anyone who tells you any different is your enemy.