Friday, January 1, 2010

Interview Notes - Trevor Antonides


I just got some really great one-liners for the Mike IX book from Trevor Antonides of Jacksonville, Florida. Trevor’s band, A-Frame, opened for Eyehatgod in Michigan back in the mid 90s and he is a big Eyehategod fan. He calls them the “Anti-hero and nothing but that.”

Trevor has been impacted by Eyehategod, saying that “Ever since I heard them, they’ve helped me shape who I am. I tell the world to ‘Fuck Off’ on a daily basis and I never let anything compromise my beliefs.”

My favorite quote from Trevor on EHG: “They’re what the Sex Pistols always wanted to be.”

(Thanks for the interview, Trevor. And good luck hunting metal bands in the Ukraine! I want to hear the ones you find.)

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