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Two interviews: Brian Trotter and Ronald Nicaud

Two interviews: Brian Trotter and Ronald Nicaud
Some Random Notes

Over the past two days I’ve had the honor to interview two original members of Disappointed Parents, Brian Trotter and Ronald Nicaud. (Brian was also in Teenage Waste with Mike IX Williams back in the 80s.)

Brian met Mike IX back in 81 or 82. “He was such a little kid,” he says of Mike back then, “He and his friends were bad little boys.” Brian, who is a few years older than Mike, told me stories of the New Orleans underground scene in the 80s. He mentioned the infamous Beat Exchange (run by the never popular Barbara Hoover). He also mentioned “Emergency Hall,” the empty building owned by Ronald Nicaud’s father where bands that had nowhere else to play would be able to gig.

In fact, Ronald told me that Graveyard Rodeo named themselves at Emergency Hall. The place was originally opened when DRI came to town and had nowhere to play because David Duke and his minions had frightened Rose Tattoo enough they boarded the windows “hurricane style.”

Ronald had much to say about the infamous NOLA underground in the 80s. “It was very aggressive and very violent,” he says, “And every band was different.” This was hardcore before the crossover of metal. This was hardcore before the “drugs and darkness.” “It was a scene well before its time,” Ronald explains, and he’s glad that the scene is finally getting the attention and respect it deserves. In fact, Disappointed Parents will be playing the Raise the Dead Festival with some new members in March. Now that the band is back together, Ronald (who spent time overseas and as a Hari Krishna monk) says, “I have no regrets waiting 25 years to do it again.”

His recollections of Mike IX are much the same as Brian’s. He called him a “little rascal” who was always “super intelligent.” And he agreed with Brian, admitting that, “Yes. Mike was very naughty. But he was very nice too.” His most favorite memory of Mike IX: while at a The Cold show at Tulane, Mike turned to him and said, “Hey, have you ever heard of the band The Clash?” You just don’t forget the person who turned you on to something like that for the first time.

It was quite the learning experience to be able to talk to these guys.

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